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Cat6 Vertical Patch Panel - 12 Port
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Cat6 Vertical Patch Panel - 12 Port

110 Punchdown | Includes 89D mounting bracket | 568A/568B | Vertically Mounted

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A patch panel is a block which contains numerous RJ45 ports. Patch panels are used for connecting incoming and outgoing lines of a local area network (LAN) or a telecommunication system. In a LAN the patch panel connects the networks computers to each other and any switches or hubs with patch cables. Patch panels also give the benefit of organization for a clean install.


  • 12 Ports
  • Cat6 rated
  • T568A/T568B wiring scheme
  • Vertically mounted
  • 110 terminations
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Perfect for home or small office
  • Height 10" / Width 2.25" / Depth 2.5"

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Q: What are the benefits of using a patch panel?

A: Patch panels will allow testing, routing and maintenance of network cables connected to your network. With a patch panel this is quickly done just by making changes to cables on the patch panel itself. Patch panels also allow for easier cable management and identification of cable routing.

Q: I want to create a small network in my home, what patch panel should I use?

A: A Cat6 vertical patch panel is a typical patch panel for home installation. It's small footprint and wall-mount capabilities make it a great choice.

Q: What is the difference between a feed-thru patch panel and a punchdown patch panel?

A: Feed-thru means that the patch panel has RJ45 ports on both the front and the back side of it. There is no punching down in this type of patch panel. Simply plug the patch cable in on either side of the patch panel and play.

A punchdown patch panel requires each conductor to be punched down onto wither 66 or 110 terminations using a punchdown tool.

Q: How do I wire a patch panel?

A: Please see the resources tab for wiring schemes.

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