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Coax Cable Continuity Tester
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Coax Cable Continuity Tester

Tests Coaxial Cables.

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This handy and portable coax cable tester identifies cables for continuity. It is specifically designed for RF cable applications. The device has a push-on F Connector and includes a push-on F female connector. The LED indicator will light red to reveal circuit shorts, and a loud audible tone generated by the tone detector (conveniently stored in the base section of the unit) confirms continuity. This very useful tool is sturdy and easy to use.


  • Easy to read LED indicator
  • Removable Tone Detector screws to base
  • Rugged anodized brass connection
  • Includes 12v battery
  • Includes Push-on F-Connector
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Q: What is a cable tester?

A: A cable tester is a device used to test the signal strength or connection for a type of cable or network of cables. There are many different types of cable testers and each test specific cable, or several different types.

Q: What can a Cable Tester test?


  • Wire continuity
  • Mis-wiring
  • Polarization
  • Shielding

Q: What are different types of Cable Testers?

A: Verification – A cable tester can verify whether or not the cables wired are properly connected and paired. This type of tester will reveal any problems in the cables.

Qualification – These types of testers cover everything that the verification equipment test, but they will also tell you how well the cable supports data transfers.

Certification – These cable testers are the most sophisticated of the three. They cover the functions of both verification and qualification, but they also can create a schematic of the entire network.

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